Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Japanese desserts

So beautiful that it's a pity one has to eat them!

1. The water droplet in soybean powder and brown sugar syrup

2. Sugar candy (dated back from the 8th century)

3. Agar agar desserts (gel from algae)

4. Chocolat-coated Nougat candy in caffe latte

5. Delicious doughnuts

6. Cats on golden cake

7. Sugar Candy canes

8. Rose-shaped ice cream

9. Agar agar gel desserts (at Tokyo train stations)

10. Chocolate Fortune cookies

11. Strawberry tarts

12. Fruit tarts

14. Bean cake

15. macaroon

16. macaroon

17. Bear Cookie

18. jelly fish

19. sponge cake

20. rice cake

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