Sunday, March 15, 2009

Road of Hope - Chapter 6
The supernatural life
Supernatural life consists in wholehearted commitment to the will of God.

102. If everybody should approve of you, but God disapprove of your conduct, how terrble for you! If everybody should insult you, falsely accuse you or persecute you, but God praise you, happy are you, for the kingdom of Heaven is yours!(CF.Luke6:22).

103. What use is i if everybody should affirm you, but God disapprove of you? If everybody should mock you, but God affirm you, happy are you! When the crowd cried out, "we must have Barrabas realeased!" (Luke 23:18). Barrabas remained a robber just the same. When the crowd shouted,"Crucify him!" (Luke23:21). Our Lord was still the sinless son of God.

104. If you are faced with ungrateful people who have betrayed you and falsely accused you, what hurts you the most is the irrational malice which purs forth from those you least expected to act thus. Your reaction in such circumstances should be:
to forgive right from the heart
to beg forgiveness fro one's enemies
to pray with love for them to be converted
and then in this way you will not need to rely on the consolation of the world.

105. Rejoice at your own success but thank God when someone else is more successful than you.

106. That which is foolishness in the eyes of men is wisdom in the eyes of God.(Cf.1Cor,3:19,1Cor,1:27)

107. The Cross is foolishness to the jews and a stumbling blocks tto the greeks. But as for us, we glory in the Cross of our Lord.(Cf1Cor,1:22-24,Gal,6:14)

108. To spend the whole day in church does not necessarily means to be holy. If at the same time you still criticize others, you stil react according to the wisdom of the world, or you are still self-centred. John and James were with our Lord often, but yet he has to ask them, "whose spirit do you have?"(Cf.Luke9:55:" you do not understand what spirit it is you share.")

109. Do not say ," I follow my conscience"
Is there any conscience left to follow?

110. Poverty, obedience, mortification, meekness, charity, forgiveness and humility aare all foolishness in the eyes of the world, but supremely important in theeyes of God. That which the world regards as a misfortune, God considers as true happiness.

111. Look at everything from God's point of view and you will see things with different values and different dimensions.

112. In all the manoeuvres and struggles that you may be engaged in, make a discernment in this way: How much is there in this of desire to do God's will, how much of self love, desire of personal advantage, and of self-will? Perhaps there is little of God in all this.

113. "It is for me to plant the seed, for Apollo to water it, but it was God who gave the increase." (Saint Paul)

114. if there is no resurrection, catholics are the most unfortunate people to the world.(Cf.1Cor,15:14,17,19)

115. While you proclaim, "for God and for the Church". stand silently in the presence of God and honestly ask him, "Lord , do you see me working completely for you ? Always you are the essential object of all that i do. I should be ashamed to admit that there were any other stronger motive."

116. As you have dedicated yourself to the service of God, why do you stll compare your life to the life of others, complaining abou the inferiority of various circumstances of your life? Why do you regret serving God because of some losses that you suffer?

117. "Lord, we watched Satan fall like lightning from heaven."(Cf.Lke10:18)." Rejoice that your names are enrolled in heaven." (Luke10:20) rather than rejoice over the performance of a miracle.

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